Thatch condition assessment surveys

In order to have a coherent maintenance program for your roof, it is important to establish the current condition of the thatch and roof frame. Information can then be used to provide a long-term maintenance and budget plan. The information regarding the thatch type is also important if Planning or Listed Build Consent (LBC) is required. Assistance with selecting the most appropriate thatching contractor to under take any work that may be required is available.  

Specifications documents

A comprehensive specification document is invaluable when undertaking any major works to a thatched roof. This information will allow all potential contractors to price equally. It is also important for all parties to have a clear understanding of what is and is not included in the scope of works. A comprehensive specification is also vital if there are any discrepancies during or at the end of a contract and in the case of litigation.  

Contractor and tender assessments

The selection of a suitable contractor who will provide a good standard of work using a given material type is paramount to the success of any project. To this end we can provide a contractor and tender assessment service. This service will help you in you choice of Thatcher and the cost value of the works tendered for.

Monitoring of works in progress

With any major building works the adherence to a specification is a vital element. We can provide a monitoring service to ensure that the agreed specification is adhered to. As part of this service we will act as the intermediate between the Client and Contractor.

Sourcing of appropriate materials

With our wide contact base of growers and suppliers, we are able to advise and assist in the procurement of all types of thatching materials and sundries. We will also advise on the appropriate use of particular materials for specific buildings dependent on their location and design.

In the case of listed buildings the use of appropriate materials is normally a mandatory condition of the Local Planning and Conservation Department.

Historical interpretation

In many old thatched buildings there is often an untapped source of historical evidence hidden within the roof space. Using our wide knowledge of historic thatch and buildings we can interpret this information into the phasing and development of individual properties. This information can then be used to assist with Listed Building Consents, material selection, alteration and development of thatched building.

Project Management

We provide a project management package tailor made to your requirements. Packages ranging from roof condition surveys to a full package covering, survey and historical interpretation, tender assessment, contractor assessment and monitoring, Drawings, Planning and Listed Building Consent are available.

Planning and Listed building Consent applications

With our long-standing experience within the thatching industry we are able to offer

as part of our Project Management services, assistance with all Planning and Listed Building Consents.

Expert witness work

As an independent consultant business with over 30 years of hands on knowledge we offer an impartial, independent and informed expert witness service.

Fire risk assessment

Thatch fires are a rare occurrence but should they happen they often result in a total loss of the roof and much of the building. A very large number of theses fires are however preventable. We offer a risk assessment service that can greatly reduce these potentially devastating events.

Maintenance schedules

If you are an owner of several or just one thatched buildings a comprehensive maintenance schedule is vital for long term budget planning. It is not unusual for a good Thatcher to have an 18-month to 2-year waiting list and some thatching materials are more plentiful at certain times of the year. We can advise and provide a long-term maintenance program for you.

CCTV chimney surveys

Open fires are an essential part of a traditional thatch property and add greatly to the pleasure of living in this type of home. Providing chimneys are constructed correctly, maintained in good condition, suitable materials are burned and the chimneys regularly cleaned, open fires do not pose a great risk to the thatched roof. Insurance companies are increasingly requiring homeowners who use live fires to have chimney surveys completed as part of the conditions of the insurance. We provide a comprehensive CCTV chimney survey service undertaken by experienced engineers.